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Dec 8, 2020

Today’s interview is really special for me to share with you all, because my guest is someone I’ve formed a really wonderful friendship with through the podcast community – I’m fairly certain we connected through one of my former guests, Trina Moyles – and being able to sit with her today after years of both of us growing our work and cheering each other on means a lot. So! Now that I’ve set the stage, I will introduce our fabulous guest for today… Tiffany Traverse!

Tiffany’s self described as a Secwépemc and Swiss-Italian Seed Keeper, chicken chaser, Zone 2 stretcher, and Fourth Sister to the land. She’s been experimenting and working on cultivating, saving, and sharing Indigenous vegetable and herb seed varieties through Fourth Sister Farms.

Today she speaks with me on the work she’s doing at Fourth Sister Farms and how it connects to a broader community of seed keepers across Turtle Island to foster Indigenous food and land sovereignty. We also speak to the importance of Land Back and the ways we can do more to help Indigenous land and water protectors continue their efforts.

Learn More About Tiffany and 4th Sister Farm! 

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